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Call to Creatives for a Samhain Bacchanal!

Dear people of radical and exploratory persuasions,
This note is to inform you that we of the far flung fringes of North Boulder, (studios in the vicinity of Lee Hill Dr.) are plotting to host a bi-annual gathering that will afford us all the opportunity to share our work, (in whatever medium) meet other risky minds and converse on the subjects of our deepest intrigues and wanderings.  We shall dance, eat, drink and scheme.
In order to rouse the rabble and cultivate the chi, join us in the vicinity of Samhain this year, Friday, October 25.  As before mentioned, all media are welcome, but you will likely want to check out the space and its layout before-hand.  There are no rules here.  The first ingredient is quality people…so if you simply come and perhaps bring a friend…splendid.
This is a self-made situation; if you or someone you know has something to bring…bring it!   Music, poetry, paintings, sculpture, assemblages, dance, theatre, film, COSTUME or perhaps a collaborative undertaking or game…
We begin around 5pm on the Friday October 25th – give yourself time to set up before-hand.
(the next gathering will be in the vicinity of Beltane in April/May).
If you have questions – shoot us a mail.
Friday on the Fringe Crew
1001 Lee Hill Rd.
PS. Bring treats and libations of every color!  We will help you consume them.
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October 18, 2013